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2004 Shade, March, Phoenix, AZ. Examining/Bailey Doogan. Julie Sasse.
2002 n. paradoxa, international feminist art journal, Vol. 10, London, UK. The Pink of Revolution. Joanna Frueh
2000 Art in America, April. Bailey Doogan at Etherton. Joanna Freuh.
2000 The Nation, May 15. Article on Picturing the Modern Amazon exhibition. Wendy Steiner. (Also articles/reviews in N.Y.Times, Village Voice, Philadelphia Inquirer, etc.)
2000 CAA Art Journal, Winter. Roundtable discussion w/5 participants. Picturing the Modern Amazon exhibition. Editor/Interviewer: Janet Kaplan
1998 Art in America, July Review: Signs of Age. Abigail Soloman-Godeau.
1996 Journal of Aging and Identity, Human Sciences Press, N.Y. Aging and Contemporary Art, Linnea S. Dietrich. One chapter section with one painting.
1996 Harper's Magazine, September. Two color paintings reproduced from Alternative Museum exhibiton.
1996 ME/A/N/I/N/G. Contemporary Art Issue #15. Meaning from A to Z: A Visual Forum. One drawing. May
1994 Art Journal, Spring 1994, Vol. 53, No. 1. Art and Old Age. Published by College Art Assoc. The Erotic as Social Security by Joanna Frueh.
1993 M/E/A/N/I/N/G, Contemporary Art Issues, #14. N.Y. Aesthetic and Post-Menpausal Pleasures, by Joanna Frueh.
1993 The Creative Woman, Spring, Vol XIII, No. 1. Cover art/article. Women Artists Look at Aging, Joanna Frueh.
1992 Art in America, October. Report from Tucson: THE NEW WEST. Ann Wilson Lloyd.
1992 The Village Voice, June 17-23. N.Y., N.Y. SCENE & HEARD, Robert Atkins. Report on censorship of Irish Arts Center exhibition.
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1989 The Village Voice, Arlene Raven. Review of Dia De Los Muertos II: Los Angelitos, Alternative Museum, N.Y., Oct.
1989 Heresies 24, Vol 6, No 4. Article: Cunts/Quilts/Consciousness. Miriam Schapiro & Faith Wilding.
1988 ARTSPACE, Southwestern Contemporary Arts Quarterly. Spring. Pamela Portwood Review.
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1986 St. Louis Post Dispatch, Patricia Degener. Review: The Emblematic Woman, Margaret Bailey Doogan.
1986 ARTSPACE, Summer. Pamela Portwood. Review of Colored Figures.
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1985 ARTnews, September. Sheldon Reich. Review: Punch & Judy Exhibition.
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1985 ARTSPACE, Summer. Pamela Portwood. Review of Punch & Judy.
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