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2005 The Tucson Museum of Art, Etherton Gallery, Thirty year survey with catalog. September-December.
2002/03 Etherton Gallery, Tucson, AZ, Paintings. January-March, '02. Monotypes, November, '03.
2000 Rutgers University, N.J. Mary H Dana Women Artists Series. Positions, paintings/drawings, 1991-2000, Feb.
2000 University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Art Gallery, Positions. Sept./Oct.
1999 Etherton Gallery, Tucson, AZ. small paintings w/etched glass (cloud series). Sept./Nov.
1998 University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ, A Survey of Drawings, 1988-1998. October.
1997 Etherton Gallery, Tucson, AZ, paintings and large drawings, Jan/Mar.
1996 University of Texas, El Paso. Fox Fine Arts Center. Jan./Feb.
1995 Etherton Gallery, Tucson, AZ. paintings and prints. March/April.
1995 Richard Beasley Museum, NAU, Flagstaff, AZ. Jan./Feb.
1992 Alternative Museum, N.Y., N.Y. Mea Corpa, large paintings and drawings. ARTISTS OF CONSCIENCE series: 1991/1992. Catalog. April 29-June 20.
1992 The Irish Arts Center, W. 51st St., N.Y., N.Y. Large drawings. May/June.
1993 Etherton Stern Gallery, Tucson, AZ. Mea Corpa: paintings and drawings. March/April
1992 Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Mea Corpa. Nov./Dec.
1992 Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, University of Nevada, Reno. Mea Corpa. Sept. 4-30.
1991 Etherton Stern Gallery, Tucson, AZ. Large paintings and works on paper. Dec./Jan.
1990 Cerro Cosa College, Ridgecrest, CA. Chairwoman series: paintings and works on paper. March/April.
1989 Etherton Stern Gallery, Tucson, AZ. Context: large drawings and St. Lucy/Oedipus: paintings and constructions. Performance of Vermilion by Joanna Frueh during opening reception. February.
1988 Pensacola College, Visual Arts Gallery, Florida. Self Portrait Diary: 40 paintings on paper. Jan./Feb.
1987 Dinnerware Gallery, Tucson, AZ. Large oil paintings from Dominican Republic and Ireland. November.
1986 Etherton Gallery, Tucson, AZ. Monoprints & small paintings on paper. Oct./Nov.
1986 Gallery 210, St. Louis, MO. First in a series of three solo exhibitions entitled, The Emblematic Woman: Bailey Doogan, Claire Prussian, Joan Semmel. Large figurative oil paintings. September.
1986 Dinnerware Gallery, Tucson, AZ. Colored Figures: Large figurative oils. Feb.
1985 Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, AZ. Punch & Judy: Paintings & theatre box constructions. May/June.
1985 Elaine Starkman Gallery, N.Y., N.Y. Articulate: Audio/Portrait installation. April/May.
1985 Dinnerware Gallery, Tucson, AZ. Punch & Judy. January.
1984 Idaho Art Center, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho. Articulate. November.
1983 University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ. Articulate. November.
1983 Fresno Art Museum, Fresno CA. Female Series: Work on paper. November.
1983/84 Dinnerware Gallery, Tucson, AZ. Articulate & Two Personal Series.
1981 Joseph Gross Gallery, Tucson, AZ. Female Series. April.
1980 Harry Wood Gallery, ASU, Tempe, AZ. Female Series; Works on Paper.
1973 Memorial Union Gallery, ASU, Tempe, AZ. drawings.